boso profile manager XD Evaluation Software

boso profile manager XD Evaluation Software

The reliable and easy usable evaluation software for boso TM-2430 PC 2 and bos ABI system 100.
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The boso profil-manager XD is a uniform software for boso professional devices as well as PC self-monitors and simplifies your daily practice routine. The 24-hour blood pressure measurement with the boso TM-2430 PC 2 and the TM-2450 guarantees exact measurement results of up to 350 measured values with measurement value tables, long-term profiles, mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure and morning blood pressure rise (MBPS). PAVK screening quickly gives you information about your risk of heart attack and stroke. Here the determination of the ankle-brachial index (ABI) is decisive, which is carried out quickly, precisely and reliably with the boso ABI-system 100. The measurement of pulse wave velocity (PWV) complements the diagnosis of PAVK and is a measure of arterial vascular stiffness. The patient measures at home, the boso PC sphygmomanometer stores all the important data such as date, time, blood pressure and pulse.


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