boso TM-2450 Zweitgerät 24-Stunden-Blutdruckmessgerät
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boso TM-2450 Zweitgerät 24-Stunden-Blutdruckmessgerät

24h-Blutdruckmessgerät Zweitgerät mit Grundausstattung: 2 Akku-Sätze, Hüfttasche, Gürtel und Manschette
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With just 175 g, the boso TM-2450 is the lightweight among the 24-hour blood pressure monitors and is particularly small and flat with dimensions of W 66 mm x H 25 mm x D 95 mm. For the best possible acceptance by your patients, it can be easily stowed away and carried comfortably.
A patient-friendly sleep button allows manual control of the sleep mode.

Profit from the simple operation, precise measurement and quick, clear evaluation of the measurement data. The billing capability via the supplementary budget for long-term RR allows for economic use and rapid amortisation.

The 24-hour sleep button allows for easy control of the sleep mode.

For 24-hour blood pressure measurement, the boso TM-2450 impresses with its proven familiar quality and user-friendliness. The intuitive operation makes it easy to set individual interval times as well as the start and end of day and night modes via the PC software.

Alternatively, the boso TM-2450 can be equipped with a monitor.

Alternatively, the unit has a preset automatic programme. With the push of a button, you start a recording of blood pressure and heart rate for at least 20 hours. The frequency of the blood pressure measurements is adjustable and takes place by default at 15-minute intervals during the waking phase and every 30 minutes during the sleeping phase.

You will need specific information about the device.

Do you need more specific data from your patient? Individualised interval times, start and end of day and night mode can be set clearly and conveniently on the PC via the profilmanager XD software.

The measurement results are displayed in the profilmanager XD.

The measurement results are precise in almost every situation due to the oscillometric measurement method.

The TM2430 will be compatible with the new software Profile Manager, so that the existing TM2430 devices can still be used despite the change to the new software version.

An already received rule-compliant instruction in the boso TM-2450 24-hour blood pressure monitor is a prerequisite for the sale of the device. 

Major improvements of the new device generation:

  • Display of cardiac arrhythmia to detect e.g. atrial fibrillation
  • Intelligent automatic inflation for measurement without re-pumping
  • Artifact detection and recording
  • Capture of activity and rest periods
  • Recording of ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • Factors influencing blood pressure behaviour
  • Extremely low pump noise level for a significant reduction in sleep phase impairment

Product details:

  • Measurement during inflation and deflation
  • Arrhythmia detection
  • Activity sensor
  • Quick and easy programming
  • Free programmable intervals
  • with sleep button
  • Memory for 600 readings
  • M-cuff for adults (22-32 cm), L-cuff for adults (32-45 cm)
  • Hip pouch and belt
  • Battery charger
  • 2 battery packs
Optional accessories available:
  • Cuff sizes: S (16-22 cm), XL (36-50 cm), M-right (22-32 cm)
  • Protective covers for cuffs in sizes: M (22-32 cm), L (32-45 cm), S (16-22 cm), XL (36-50 cm), M-right (22-32 cm)

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