ERKA Perfect Aneroid 48 (without cuff) Upper Arm Blood Press

ERKA Perfect Aneroid 48 (without cuff) Upper Arm Blood Press

High quality aneroid device with two hose technology
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As practically demonstrated worldwide and a million times over, ERKA has been setting the standard in blood pressure measurement for decades with the Perfect Aneroid.

The ERKA Quality Check is a prerequisite for exceptional success: As early as the production phase, every single Perfect Aneroid undergoes no less than 49 quality and functional checks - including a final computer-controlled 100% final inspection. This way we guarantee that the user has the best blood pressure monitor at their fingertips for professional duties. We make the same claim with regard to everyday clinical practice.


  • The membrane-preserving twin tube technology guarantees maximum durability with daily use.
  • The use of a special tempered copper-beryllium membrane ensures durability along with the consistently high precision of the measuring device.
  • The sensitive screw valve enables the user to take perfect measurements.
  • The device is available in both right-and left-handed models.
  • The ERKA selection of Green Cuff cuffs is comprehensive. They are durable, skin-friendly, biocompatible and represent optimal wearer comfort.


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